EP 221: LORE's Aaron Mahnke on Monstrous Creatures & Dark History

Aaron Mahnke, host of LORE podcast, shares the real history behind the legends of ghosts, vampires and werewolves, and how our scary folktales say a lot about our attitudes toward women, outsiders, and those who are different. He talks about the spiritualism craze of the turn of the century, the most sadistic witch hunters throughout the ages, as well as the Jersey Devil, the Beast of Bray road, gremlins, fairies and more. Subscribe to LORE podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get podcasts. Don’t miss the LORE Amazon series available now, and order THE WORLD OF LORE: MONSTROUS CREATURES on Amazon or download the audiobook on Audible. You can learn more about LORE and Aaron Mahnke at w

EP 220: Ron Chernow on Redeeming Ulysses S. Grant

Pulitzer-winning author/historian Ron Chernow (Alexander Hamilton, Washington: A Life) wants Americans to rethink the 18th President with his new biography GRANT. He discusses Ulysses S. Grant’s drinking and early failures, his meteoric rise through the ranks during the Civil War, and how Grant struggled with his own personal civil war at home. He makes the case for General Grant as a brilliant military strategist, and argues that he deserves more credit for holding the Union together during Reconstruction. We discuss how Ulysses S. Grant later went broke when he trusted his fortune to the Bernie Madoff of his day and how Mark Twain helped the former President dig himself out of debt befo

EP 219: Sir Richard Branson on his Adventures in Business, Space, & Beyond

Sir Richard Branson talks about The Virgin Group philosophy, why he likes to act fast when launching a new business, and how many of his best ideas came from his own desires and frustrations as a consumer. He gives advice to young entrepreneurs and shares what he’s learned from his mistakes. He reveals his reasons for selling Virgin America to Alaska Air, and he outlines his vision of the future with Virgin Galactic and his latest venture Virgin Hyperloop One. Plus he talks about his strange lunch with Donald Trump, his most harrowing adventures, and his habit of chopping off people’s neckties. Order Sir Richard Branson's new book FINDING MY VIRGINITY on Amazon or download the audio book

EP 218: King of Cards Richard Turner

Richard Turner is the greatest card magician in the world and the subject of a new documentary called DEALT. He’s virtually never seen without a deck in his hands, and today he fesses up to shuffling cards in the movies, during church and even while making love to his wife! He shares why he doesn’t like to be called a magician or an illusionist, he discuss some of the less than ethical origins of card trickery, and talks about the man who mentored him in card manipulation. Then after the break, Richard Turner reveals a fact about himself that will completely blow your mind and leave you wondering how he can possibly do what he does! DEALT opens in theatres in New York as well as On Deman

EP 217: Astronaut Scott Kelly's Year in Space

Astronaut Captain Scott Kelly talks about his year on the International Space Station, including how it pushed his body the limit, why the hardest physical test was re-adjusting to life on earth, and how his experience could get NASA one step closer to a manned mission to Mars. He reveals how he combatted boredom in space, what he missed most about earth, and how he got along with his Russian crew-mates amid strained US-Russia relations. Plus Scott tells me if the "overview effect" ever wears off, what space smells like, and much more. Order Scott Kelly's book Endurance: A Year in Space, A Lifetime of Discovery (available 10/17) on Amazon or Audible. Keep up with him at www.ScottKelly.com

EP 216: Anthony Bourdain Wants to End Food Waste

Anthony Bourdain speaks candidly about the problem of food waste, who is to blame, and who is working on solutions. He discusses how he and his fellow chefs have been fighting this battle for years in their own kitchens, including embracing the "snout to tail" movement, renaming so called "trash fish," and even turning table scraps into delicious pork. He also shares how he manages to juggle his a hectic travel schedule, waxes about his love of Vietnam, and reveals some of his most cherished comfort foods. Plus, Tony and I gripe about California's newly revived foie gras ban and the term "foodie." Anthony Bourdain's new documentary Wasted: The Story of Food Waste is available in the theat

EP 215: Grouchy Historians Ed Asner & Ed. Weinberger

Ed Asner and Ed. Weinberger discuss their book The Grouchy Historian: An Old-Time Lefty Defends Our Constitution Against Right-Wing Hypocrites and Nutjobs. They talk about the surprising origins of the Bill of Rights, their problem with Constitutional "originalists," and the motives, disagreements and private doubts of the founding fathers. They tackle Republicans from Ted Cruz to Clarence Thomas and chastise Democrats for ceding the Constitution to Conservatives. Plus Ed Asner ponders what that grump newsman Lou Grant might say about the state of news media in 2017. Order Ed Asner and Ed. Weinberger's book The Grouchy Historian: An Old-Time Lefty Defends Our Constitution Against Right-Wi

EP 214: Merry Mortician Caitlin Doughty on Changing Americans' Attitudes Toward Death & Dyin

Mortician, author and activist Caitlin Doughty discusses her new book From Here to Eternity: Traveling the World to Find the Good Death. She reveasl how America’s funeral industrial complex overcharges and overregulates how we say goodbye to our loved ones and how funerals went from private family affairs to big business in just a century. She shares how people around the world honor the dead including villagers in Indonesia who sleep, eat, and interact with their deceased on a daily basis, and high tech innovators are revolutionizing how the dearly departed are remembered in Japan. She tells of a community in Colorado that forgoes the sterile funeral home cremation in favor of an old fas

EP 213: Bill Murray & Jan Vogler Explore New Worlds of Music, Poetry & Humor

Actor Bill Murray (Lost in Translation, Rushmore) & classical cellist Jan Vogler discuss how their album New Worlds evolved out of a chance meeting on a flight from Berlin to NYC and a mutual love of music and poetry. Plus, Bill Murray shares his philosophy of life, his favorite American humorists, and his thoughts on being an internet folk hero. New Worlds is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, or wherever you buy music. Bill and Jan's concert tour begins Friday, October 6 in Santa Barbara and includes dates in Chicago (10/10), Buffalo (10/11). Toronto (10/13), New York (10/16), Portland (11/28), Seattle (11/29), San Francisco (12/8), and Denver (12/10). For dates and tickets, visit ww

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