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EP 525: Comedy Writer Bess Kalb Buries 2020

After eight years as a comedy writer on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Bess Kalb recently wrote and produced a new comedy special that "eulogizes" the year 2020. Yearly Departed is available on Amazon Prime Video beginning 12/30. Bess comes on the podcast to talk about her own trials and tribulations over the past year, including a recent Covid-scare at the pediatrician, how she finds catharsis through laughter, and how that inspired her to bid adieu to 2020 with a rollicking roast-style memorial service. She reveals some of the big comedians she attracted to the special, some of the things they sarcastically eulogize, and how they managed orchestrate an entirely social distanced production. Bess shares stories from her years in the Kimmel writing room, including being the interviewer for Jimmy’s "Lie Witness News" segments and coming up with the classic "Baby Bachelor" sketch. Plus she talks about writing jokes for Hillary Clinton, working as an undercover speech-writer at the Democratic National Convention, and perhaps her proudest moment...getting blocked by Donald Trump on Twitter!

Bess's special Yearly Departed is now available on Amazon Prime Video. I also highly recommend her book Nobody Will Tell You This But Me: A True (As Told to Me) Story. You can follow Bess at and on Twitter at @BessBell.


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