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EP 218: King of Cards Richard Turner

Richard Turner is the greatest card magician in the world and the subject of a new documentary called DEALT. He’s virtually never seen without a deck in his hands, and today he fesses up to shuffling cards in the movies, during church and even while making love to his wife! He shares why he doesn’t like to be called a magician or an illusionist, he discuss some of the less than ethical origins of card trickery, and talks about the man who mentored him in card manipulation. Then after the break, Richard Turner reveals a fact about himself that will completely blow your mind and leave you wondering how he can possibly do what he does! DEALT opens in theatres in New York as well as On Demand and on iTunes October 20, then in Los Angeles starting October 27 followed by other select cities. For showtimes and information visit You can keep up with Richard Turner at Today’s episode is sponsored by Nadex and AppRiver. Please subscribe to Kickass News on Apple Podcasts and take our annual listener survey at

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