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EP 219: Sir Richard Branson on his Adventures in Business, Space, & Beyond

Sir Richard Branson talks about The Virgin Group philosophy, why he likes to act fast when launching a new business, and how many of his best ideas came from his own desires and frustrations as a consumer. He gives advice to young entrepreneurs and shares what he’s learned from his mistakes. He reveals his reasons for selling Virgin America to Alaska Air, and he outlines his vision of the future with Virgin Galactic and his latest venture Virgin Hyperloop One. Plus he talks about his strange lunch with Donald Trump, his most harrowing adventures, and his habit of chopping off people’s neckties.

Order Sir Richard Branson's new book FINDING MY VIRGINITY on Amazon or download the audio book at Audible. Keep up with Richard Branson at or on Twitter at @richardbranson.

Today’s episode is sponsored by Harry's Razors, Sonos, Nadex and The Daily Zeitgeist podcast. Please subscribe to Kickass News on Apple Podcasts and take our annual listener survey at

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