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EP 527: Ryan White on the Bizarre Murder of Kim Jong-Nam

Documentary filmmaker Ryan White (The Case Against 8, The Keepers) talks about his new film Assassins about the murder of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un's half brother Kim Jong-Nam. He recounts how Kim Jong-Nam was killed in broad daylight with the deadly VX nerve agent, questions the press’s sensational portrayal of two young Southeast Asian women as diabolical black widow assassins, and reveals that the truth of what happened is even more bizarre than anything that the media could make up. Ryan discusses his belief that the two women were unwitting pawns of North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un, explains why the dictator would want to murder his own brother in such a sensational manner, and shares how 8 North Korean agents, who were suspected of masterminding the plot, slipped right through the hands of Malaysian authorities. He recalls covering every moment of the very public show trial of the two accused murderers, what it was like to become so emotionally invested in the fate of two people he had never even met, and what kind of security precautions he had to take as he unravelled an international thriller involving one of the world’s most ruthless strongmen.

Assassins is now showing in theaters and available on Video-on-Demand starting January 15. Follow Ryan White on Twitter at @RyanWhiteIV and at


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