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EP 524: Joel McHale Rings in the New Year

Joel McHale (Community, The Soup) shares his excitement for his first time co-hosting a New Years Eve special and how he’s looking forward to relentlessly roasting his pal Ken Jeong for a full three and half hours on Fox’s New Year’s Roast & Toast 2021. Joel reveals why he and Ken just can’t quit each other and the origins of their recent pandemic themed podcast The Darkest Timeline. We also discuss how Netflix has breathed new life into Joel and Ken’s series Community, what it was like to work with that comedic genius Dan Harmon on the show, and the status of the long talked about Community movie. Joel recalls juggling making Community at the same time as his other series The Soup, how that show took off with the rise of social media and reality TV, and the one daytime talk show that refused to let The Soup use its clips. Then he teases some of the musical guests on Fox’s New Year’s Roast & Toast and attempts to explain the concept behind Fox’s new show The Masked Dancer.

Don’t miss Fox’s New Year’s Roast & Toast 2021 on December 31st at 8/7c only on Fox and follow Joel on Twitter at @JoelMcHale.


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