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EP 216: Anthony Bourdain Wants to End Food Waste

Anthony Bourdain speaks candidly about the problem of food waste, who is to blame, and who is working on solutions. He discusses how he and his fellow chefs have been fighting this battle for years in their own kitchens, including embracing the "snout to tail" movement, renaming so called "trash fish," and even turning table scraps into delicious pork. He also shares how he manages to juggle his a hectic travel schedule, waxes about his love of Vietnam, and reveals some of his most cherished comfort foods. Plus, Tony and I gripe about California's newly revived foie gras ban and the term "foodie."

Anthony Bourdain's new documentary Wasted: The Story of Food Waste is available in the theatres, on demand, on Amazon, and on iTunes beginning this Friday, October 13. Visit for more information. Keep up with Anthony Bourdain on his website or on Twitter at @Bourdain.

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