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EP 528: Six Degrees of Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe has handled some of the toughest and most disgusting jobs during his nine seasons as host of Discovery's Dirty Jobs. Now he's putting that same work ethic to work to prove once and for all that everything in the world is connected for his discovery+ series Six Degrees with Mike Rowe. Mike reveals how he faked his way into his first job as an opera singer, some of the strangest products he used to pitch as a late-night host on QVC, and the hardest thing he ever had to do as host of Dirty Jobs. Mike talks about the party game that inspired his latest show, his own habit of getting lost down rabbit holes on Google (especially when history’s involved), and how he is using everything from puppets and animation to his high school best friend to make history fun on Six Degrees. Plus he shares where he gets his famous work ethic, what he’s doing to help young people find honest work in the vocational trades, and why he believes that 4-year colleges are becoming increasingly out of touch.

Watch all six episodes of Six Degrees with Mike Rowe on discovery+, subscribe to Mike’s podcast The Way I Heard Itwherever you like to listen, and learn more about the Mike Rowe Works Foundation at Keep up with Mike at and follow him on Twitter at @MikeRoweWorks.


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