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EP 531: Zackary Drucker and Jay Duplass

Jay Duplass and Zackary Drucker discuss their new docu-series The Lady and the Dale about the rise and eventual fall of automaker and trans trailblazer Elizabeth Carmichael. We talk about Carmichael's three-wheeled car that claimed to get 70 per gallon and how the 70s gas crisis fueled incredible interest in "the Dale." We Carmichael's shady past, and life on the run from the law, and how it inevitably caught up to her. We also cover some of the prejudices she faced and what her trial meant for the trans community. Plus Elizabeth Carmichael's connection to the mafia, the Cuban revolution, and Tucker Carlson’s dad!

Watch the first episode of The Lady and the Dale on HBO on Demand or HBO Max, and don’t miss new episodes airing Sunday at 9PM E on HBO and HBO Max.


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