EP 298: Bo Burnham Returns to Middle School

Comedian Bo Burnham discusses making his directorial debut with his critically acclaimed film EIGHTH GRADE which explores the humor and horror of modern adolescence. He talks about why he went to great lengths to avoid nostalgia in his portrayal of life in middle school and how casting a real 13 year old girl kept him honest. He shares how he drew inspiration from watching hours of web videos by middle schoolers, how much the internet has changed since he made his own Youtube debut in 2006, and why he doesn’t judge millennials for their addiction to social media. He reveals why he only allowed his lead actress to read the script once before shooting and how the comedian known for very BIG

Alan Dershowitz on Impeachment and the Criminalization of Politics

Celebrated attorney and lifelong Democrat Alan Dershowitz says even though he make not like Donald Trump's policies, the President is entitled to the same rights as any other American and impeachment is a clearly defined Constitutional procedure not political theatre. He explains exactly what is and is NOT an impeachable offense, why even a criminal act may not necessarily lead to impeachment, and how this applies to Presidents from Andrew Johnson and Richard Nixon to Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. According to Dershowitz, President Trump has every right to fire the FBI director, shut down investigations, and pardon anyone he wants...perhaps even including himself. He warns against a dang

EP 296: Jim Gaffigan Talks Tumor Humor and Opening for the Pope

Comedian Jim Gaffigan opens up about his wife/writing partner Jeannie’s brain tumor scare and how she was the first person to suggest using it in his new comedy special JIM GAFFIGAN: NOBLE APE. Jim reveals how trial and error led him back to his own authentic voice as a comedian, how he gets inside the head of the audience and plays his own worst critic on stage, and why he’s making fewer and fewer food jokes. He discusses why he’s breaking free of the Netflix model for his latest comedy special and why he has taken a number of dramatic film roles in no less than 13 movies over the next year. Plus Jim Gaffigan riffs on the mixed blessing of hotpockets, the worst part of a colonoscopy, and

EP 295: Malcolm Nance Says Trump Is a "Willing Asset" for Putin

In the wake of the bizarre Trump-Putin Summit, intelligence expert Malcolm Nance says Trump has gone from being an unwitting asset of Russia to a willing asset deliberately undermining NATO, the European Union, and even his own country. Nance says Donald Trump has betrayed his oath to uphold the Constitution and is the closest thing America's seen to another Benedict Arnold. He reveals Russia’s broader efforts to undermine US and the influential Americans enabling Russian interference including the most powerful gun-rights organization in the country, the politician known Putin’s man in Congress, and the alt-right media baron he calls “the American Goebbles.” What’s Vladimir Putin’s end-g

EP 294: Ben Rhodes on Hope, Change, and Pragmatism in World Affairs

Former Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes talks about how he survived a full 8 years in the White House, his close friendship with President Barack Obama, and what it was like to travel the world representing America. Ben says the Arab Spring taught him that sometimes hope and change have to take a back seat to pragmatism and the big picture. He reveals how he secretly worked with the Pope to reopen relations with Cuba, how sleeplessness led to some frayed nerves during the Iran nuclear negotiations, and how wild conspiracy theories around Benghazi continue to follow him even today. He throws some cold water on Trump’s accusation that President Obama ordered the FBI to investigat

EP 293: Rob Reiner Brings the "Shock and Awe"

Rob Reiner returns to talk about the long road to making his latest film Shock and Awe about the journalists who "got it right" about WMD in Iraq and why he says Americans still may not be ready to deal with the mistakes of the Iraq War. How discusses the lesser known news syndicate that uncovered the truth about WMD and why the mainstream media at the time ignored all the warning signs. He talks about his love for classic newsroom films like All The President's Men and his urgency to make a film about great journalism at a time when the free press and the truth are under greater assault than ever. Rob Reiner gives an update on his group the Committee to Investigate Russia, he cautions th

EP 292: David Sedaris on the Lighter Side of Death, Aging, and Travel

Bestselling humorist David Sedaris talks about why he doesn’t do social media, how a fitbit has come to rule his life, and his irritation with the British habit of bullying Americans into drinking. David shares how watching his father grow old has him thinking about his own mortality and how he keeps politics from coming between him and his Trump-supporting dad. David Sedaris says his heavy travel schedule has liberated him from the watching the news and he couldn't be happier about it. Plus he shares a few of his favorite travel tips and regional insults from around the globe. Order David Sedaris's book Calypso on Amazon or Audible. For more, visit www.davidsedarisbooks.com. Today's po

EP 291: Astrophysicist Adam Frank on Alien Worlds and Saving Our Own

Astrophysicist Adam Frank offers an explanation for why we have yet to made contact with extraterrestrials and says it is highly likely that many of ten billion trillion planets in the universe have hosted technologically advanced alien civilizations. He discusses three possible fates that may have befallen those civilizations and how studying other planets could help us save our own. He says that climate science actually holds consistent truths across all planets that have atmospheres and if we can predict climate change on Mars, we are certainly able to predict climate change here on earth. Plus Adam talks about the significance of the recent discovery of methane gas on Mars, his experie

EP 290: Mike Reiss Celebrates The Simpsons's 30th Anniversary

The Simpsons's longest-serving writer/producer Mike Reisscelebrates the 30th anniversary of the longest running show in TV history and shares stories, scandals, and gossip about working with America’s most iconic cartoon family. He talks about his early days writing for the Harvard Lampoon and why Lampoon alums make up half the writers rooms in Hollywood. He recalls working on The Tonight Show, how only meeting with Johnny Carson was just like being a guest on his show, and a Carnac joke taught him that there’s just no science to comedy. He discusses coming on board the first episode of The Simpsons, why Fox had little faith in the first primetime cartoon since The Flintstones, and why Th

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