EP 307: Rick Wilson on Trump, Giuliani, and "Vichy Republicans"

Republican strategist Rick Wilson was one of the very first conservatives to oppose Donald Trump and a co-founder of the #NeverTrump movement. Today he enumerate the many reasons why Trump is so abhorrent to him, how his opposition to Trump has caused him to feel like a pariah in his own party, and how he gets far more death threats from crazed Trump-supporters than he ever got from Democrats. He calls out the “vichy Republicans” in Washington who sold out out to Trump, and singles out former GOP Chairman Reince Priebus for special condemnation as the one man who could have stopped Trump from running away with his party’s nomination. He talks about the "island of misfit toys" that make up

EP 306: Arthur Brooks on the Art of Disagreement

As the president of the American Enterprise Institute, Arthur Brooks has long worked to foster more civilized and productive discourse, and now he is exploring the art of disagreement on his new podcast The Arthur Brooks Show. Arthur says the answer is not to stop talking with people on the opposite side of the political spectrum but to talk to each other better. Arthur describes how social media lowers our inhibitions and makes us meaner, he discusses America’s addiction to moral outrage as a form of virtue signaling, and says contemptuous political debates can actually impact our health or even lower our immune system. He talks about the science of persuasion and how we change our minds

EP 305: Rob Riggle Talks Improv, Jet Skis and the Marines

Rob Riggle (The Daily Show, The Hangover) shares how a running joke spawned his latest project and what it’s like to play a "heightened version of himself" in Rob Riggle's Ski Master Academy. Rob recalls his 23 years in the Marines, what it was like handling public affairs in a country where people wanted to chop your head off, how he managed to juggle his military service with his comedy career, and his fateful decision to pass up pilot school to try his hand at standup. He talks about studying improv at the New York’s Upright Citizens Brigade, his strange interview with Lorne Michaels when he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live, and why he thought he blew it during his big auditioned

EP 304: Dan Buettner Shares Longevity Secrets from the World's "Blue Zones"

National Geographic Fellow Dan Buettner has studied the the world's "blue zones" the 5 areas where people live the longest, and today he shares their secrets. He shares how calorie restriction can lengthen your life, what kind of exercises are best for longevity and mobility, and why loners rarely live to be 100. He talks about an island in Italy where the men outlive the women, why people with daughters live longer than those with sons, and how modern conveniences are driving the world’s blue zones to extinction. Then he discusses the science of happiness including why people actually get happier with age, how money really can buy happiness (but only to a point), and why genetics play a

EP 303: Greg Gutfeld: Fox News's Political Unicorn

Greg Gutfeld discusses his new book The Gutfeld Monologues: Classic Rants from The Five and how it gave him a unique opportunity troll his own work. He talks about his political evolution starting out at liberal enclave UC Berkeley, his problem with "mob thinking," and how extremism on both the left and the right led him to Libertarianism. He recalls his early days working at the Huffington Post with his best buddy Andrew Breitbart and how a prank involving costumed dwarves got him fired as editor of Stuff Magazine. Then he shares how his quirky little late night show Red Eye became a hit on the unlikeliest of networks by giving Fox News viewers a much needed break from 24 hour politics a

EP 302: Topher Grace on How David Duke Got Duped

Topher Grace discusses playing David Duke in Spike Lee's latest film Blackkklansman about Ron Stallworth, the black cop who infiltrated the KKK. Topher talks about the agony of reading David Duke’s autobiography for the role, why Duke still denies that he was ever fooled by a black man, and how Duke was using phrases like “America First” and “Make America Great Again” long before Trump. Topher shares how director Spike Lee helped him play the king of all racists, what it was like to screen the film to a 10 minute standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival, and how he hopes releasing the movie on the one year anniversary of the violent protests in Charlottesville may help to spur a dialog

EP 301: Jenna Elfman Talks Zombie Preparedness and Dharma & Greg in the Trump Era

Jenna Elfman talks about joining the cast of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead, shares her strategy for surviving a zombie apocalypse, and reveals how working on the show got her thinking about her own family's emergency preparedness. She discusses her first experience with a "walker" on set, how doing her own stunts has made her a bit of a badass in the eyes of her two young sons, and what it was like to interact with The Walking Dead’s diehard fans at Comicon. Plus Jenna talks about how she and her husband learned that the couple that podcasts together stays together and whether it's time to bring back her hit series Dharma and Greg for the Trump-era. Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead returns

EP 300: 977 Days Captive By Somali Pirates

Journalist Michael Scott Moore went to Somalia to write an article about Somali pirates only be kidnapped and held hostage for 977 days as his mother tried to come up with his ransom. He discusses his captivity, his one daring escape attempt, and how he didn’t even believe it when he was finally released. He discusses how pirates use the media to drive up their ransom demands, their shocking naiveté about America, and how the man known as the Somali pirate kingpin didn't even know about US policy against paying for hostages. He shares how one of his guards rationalized being a muslim and a pirate, why the supposed ideological motives for Somali piracy are b.s., and the strange fate that b

EP 299: "Elder Millennial" Iliza Shlesinger Gives Wedding Advice

Newlywed comedian and "elder millennial" Iliza Shlesinger returns to talk about her new comedy special and give me a little advice for my own upcoming nuptials. She defends a bride’s right to be a "princess" on her special day, explains why it’s never as simple as just "saying yes to the dress," and makes the case for doing away with the traditional bouquet toss. Iliza also reveals how her walk down the aisle wasn’t exactly what she planned (and neither was the groom’s reaction!) and why she suddenly had to cut her European honeymoon short. She talks about how this milestone has influenced her act, how she got to shoot her latest comedy special on an aircraft carrier, and weighs in on eve

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