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EP 510: Tim Heidecker Is on a Mission to the Moon

Tim Heidecker talks about his new comedy series Moonbase 8, collaborating with fellow comedy geniuses John C. Reilly, Fred Armisen, and Jonathan Krisel on the show, and what it was like to visit NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab and SpaceX headquarters as part of their research.  He discusses how Bob Odenkirk gave him his first big break, the cult following for his Adult Swim series The Time and Eric Awesome Show, and how one Tim and Eric sketch got the attention of QAnon conspiracists.  Plus Tim weighs in on the moon vs mars debate, his tongue-in-cheek run for San Bernadino District Attorney, and what his other show On Cinema has to say about influencer culture.

Moonbase 8 debuts Sunday, November 8, at 11PM Eastern and Pacific only on Showtime.  Keep up with Tim at and on Twitter at @TimHeidecker.


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