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EP 509: The Many Moods of Harry Shearer

Harry Shearer is the voice behind some of the most famous characters on The Simpsons, and now he's giving voice to the wild whims of Donald Trump in a new pre-election parody album.  He talks about how writing songs from the the perspective of Donald Trump gave him a window into the President’s dark psyche, how he managed to record with a full band during quarantine, and the amazing technology that helped him physically transform into the man himself.  He also recalls his days a childhood actor working with legends like Jack Benny and Mel Blanc, what he calls the “living hell” of being on Saturday Night Live in the early 80s, and the origins of his legendary mock rock band Spinal Tap.  We also talk about his 32 years in the cast of The Simpsons, how he comes up with the voices for so many characters, and how he manages when he has perform those characters talking to each other in the same scene.  Plus Harry says never trust a man who doesn’t like music and doesn't like dogs!

Order Harry Shearer's hilarious new album THE MANY MOODS OF DONALD TRUMP wherever you get you music or visit  I also recommend his weekly radio program LE SHOW and follow him on Twitter at @TheHarryShearer.


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