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EP 508: Lenny Kravitz Reveals How He Found His Voice

Grammy-wining musician Lenny Kravitz shares how his parents' biracial marriage and very different personalities fostered what he calls his "gemini soul," how his mom, actress Roxy Roker from TV's The Jeffersons, inspired the artist in him, and how he and his dad still found connection through music even as their relationship deteriorated. He recalls the rock concert that changed his life, the first song he ever wrote, and sneaking out of his parents' house every night to explore LA’s thriving music scene when he was in high school.  Lenny discusses his early music career, why he turned down lucrative record deals even though he was living out of his car, and how he originally crafted a persona for himself in the style of popular 80s new wave artists like Prince and David Bowie.  He explains how his romance with The Cosby Show’s Lisa Bonet led him to find his authentic voice and record the album that would change his life, and says that "Let Love Rule" remains the guiding principle of his life.

Order Lenny Kravitz's new memoir Let Love Rule on Amazon, Audible, or wherever books are sold.  Follow him at and on Twitter at @LennyKravitz.


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