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EP 507: Peter Frampton Comes Alive!

Rock legend Peter Frampton talks about the making of that seminal rock album Frampton Comes Alive! and the story of his famous guitar that he nicknamed "The Phoenix."  He recalls learning to play guitar by ear when he was a boy, growing up with another future rock legend David Bowie, and what it was like to be in high school during the day and perform in a rock band at night.  He tells the story of the time he barely escaped Noriega’s Panama with his life, how he took the the news of the death of his former bandmate Steve Marriot, and how his recent diagnosis with a debilitating muscle disease has put an end to his touring days, but not to his writing and recording.  Plus Peter shares memories of working with the Beatles, Phil Spector, and many others.

Order Peter Frampton's new book Do You Feel Like I Do?: A Memoir on Amazon, Audible, or wherever books are sold.  Keep up with him at and on Twitter at @peterframpton.


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