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EP 499: Actress Carrie Coon Is Riding a Hot Streak

The past 5 years have been an amazing ride for actress Carrie Coon with a near constant string of excellent performances in some of the best film and television of the past decade including The Leftovers, Fargo S3, The Sinner S2, Gone Girl, and The Post. Now she says quarantine is the longest period of time that she has spent in her own house and it may be the first opportunity she has had to process the incredible leap that her career has taken over the past half-decade. She tells me that the pandemic feels a lot like revisiting her time on the apocalyptic series The Leftovers and that fans of the show still tell her that her performance helped them through their own personal tragedies. Carrie reveals how a certain brand of midwestern stoicism informs her roles in The Leftovers and Fargo and that even directors are constantly surprised by her upbeat, easy-going demeanor when they finally meet her in-person. She talks about going blonde for her new movie The Nest, how the film explores the shifting power dynamics of a marriage, and she opens up her own unique relationship with her husband actor/playwright Tracy Letts. Plus Carrie gives a preview of her forthcoming HBO series The Gilded Age and a few of her favorite quarantine movie recommendations.

Carrie Coon and Jude Law star in The Nest, which opens in theaters Friday September 18 and Video-On-Demand starting November 17. You can also follow Carrie on Twitter at @CarrieCoon.

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