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EP 493: Greg Gutfeld is Your Reluctant Self-Help Guru

Before Greg Gutfeld was a Fox News star and a New York Times bestselling author, he was a self-help writer for health magazines who had no idea what he was talking about. Now, after years of experience, he finally feels qualified to guide people on the journey of life with his new book The Plus: Self-Help for People Who Hate Self-Help. Greg returns to the podcast to share some of the lame self-help advice he used to give in magazines like Maxim and Men’s Health and why he generally abhors self-improvement books. He explains his deceptively simple binary system for living a better life, some advice on coping with quarantine life, and how Greg is entertaining himself during the pandemic. Plus how humans are mimicking robots, Greg talks about his most hated segments ever, and the time he put on a second grade puppet show of the Watergate hearings.

Order Greg Gutfeld's book The Plus: Self-Help for People Who Hate Self-Help on Amazon, Audible, or wherever books are sold. See Greg every weekday on The Five and every Saturday on The Greg Gutfeld Show on Fox News, and follow Greg at and on Twitter at @GregGutfeld.

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