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EP 491: Jim Belushi Is on a Mission to Heal the World

Jim Belushi is a man of many talents, actor, singer, dancer, and now legal cannabis farmer. He shares how he’s using canibis to combat the opioid crisis and heal vets suffering from PTSD, how high school football might have led to his brother John Belushi's tragic death, and why he believes that John would be alive today if he’d done more weed and less cocaine. Jim discusses some of his best films and his two seasons on Saturday Night Live, how a man known as the "Smell of SNL" is helping him run Belushi Farms, and how he and Dan Aykroyd created a new strain of weed worthy of name Blues Brothers. Plus the biggest mistake he made as an upstart farmer, the musical tastes of cannabis plants, and his adventure into the mountains of Colombia in search of something called Santa Marta Gold.

Jim Belushi's new series Growing Belushi premieres on Discovery Wednesday, August 19 at 10 PM ET/PT. Visit to learn more about what he’s up to these days, and follow him on twitter at @Jim Belushi.

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