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EP 481: Director Peter Medak on the Mad Genius of Peter Sellers

Director Peter Medak looks back on his filming of the famously disastrous Peter Sellers movie Ghost in the Noonday Sun for his new documentary The Ghost of Peter Sellers. He discusses emotional toll that working with Peter Sellers took on him, why he thought that he would be the one director who could tame Sellers, and why he wanted to revisit that painful experience all these years later. He talks about the mad genius and superstitions of Peter Sellers, and why Sellers was one only happy playing a character but never happy being himself. He shares the many, many ways that the actor tried to sabotage his movie (faking a heart attack, starting a riot, trying to fire the director, etc.), and he opens up about the last time he saw Peter Sellers just months before his untimely death.

The Ghost of Peter Sellers is now screening in virtual theaters and will be available on Video-on-Demand starting Tuesday, June 23rd. For more information visit Today's episode was sponsored by Capella University. Learn about the flexible online doctoral degree program at

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