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EP 431: Master of Suspense Dean Koontz

Master of suspense Dean Koontz recalls the literary agent who said he'd never be a bestselling author and how he defied expectations with fourteen #1 New York Times Bestsellers. He discusses his new collection of six short suspense stories for Amazon, why creating an antihero with no memory and no identity appealed to him, and those stories have to say about the blessing and the curse of technology in our lives. Dean reveals the meticulous research that goes into his writing, how much of himself he puts into his books, and why his love of dogs always seems to make it into his work.

Nameless, collection of short stories by Dean Koontz is available for free to Prime and Kindle Unlimited members. Keep up with Dean at and on twitter at @deankoontz. Today's episode was sponsored by Kronos HR Solutions.

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