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EP 422: Edward Norton Talks Noir, Jazz, and Lost New York

Golden Globe-winner Edward Norton talks about his film Motherless Brooklyn's 20 year journey to the big screen and what it was like to write, direct, and star in this neo-noir masterpiece. He shares some of the things he’s learned from working with directors like Milos Forman and Woody Allen. Edward talks about the real life New York powerbroker who inspired his film’s antagonist, his own grandfather’s crusade for low income housing, and the things that get lost in the service of progress. Plus we delve into our mutual love of jazz, classic noir detective films, and Manhattan landmarks of a bygone era.

Don't miss Edward Norton's new film Motherless Brooklyn now showing in theaters. Today’s episode was sponsored by Afternoon Cyber Tea podcast, Invitae, and Purotrader. Check out and use the promo code NEWS for a chance to win a day at the Porsche Racing Experience in Los Angeles or Atlanta.

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