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EP 420: John Hodgman on Secret Societies and Marginal Celebrity

John Hodgman shares the strange sense of validation he gets from his airline loyalty program,

the perks and perils of hotel living, and the best way to get thrown into Disneyland Jail. He talks about his memorable appearances on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, how his Daily Show colleague Al Madrigal got him into standup comedy, and his podcast where he mediates minor disputes between squabbling couples. He recalls his early days as a New York literary agent,

the worst book manuscript he ever read, and the writer who became his stalker. Plus we talk about John’s remarkable skill at gaining entry into all manner of exclusive clubs from Yale’s secret societies and meetings of the New World Order to the Church of Scientology’s Flag Land Base and Mar-a-Lago.

Order John Hodgman's new book Medallion Status: True Stories from Secret Rooms on Amazon, Audible, or wherever books are sold. Be sure to subscribe to the Judge John Hodgman Podcast, and keep up with John at or on Twitter at @Hodgman.

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