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EP 400: Down the Rabbit Hole w/ the Amazing Johnathan

The Amazing Johnathan Documentary begins as a profile on a uniquely deranged magician, who built a career out of shock and deception in the 1980s, but it quickly becomes the bizarre story about the unravelling of his documentarian Ben Berman. Johnathan Szeles and Ben Berman join me at the world famous Magic Castle to talk about the crazy experience of making this film. Johnathan discusses the heart condition that lead to his retirement in 2014, what his doctors say 5 years after giving him a year to live, and why Johnathan believes the secret to his survival is either stem cells, meth, or both! Ben talks about having to relinquish some control as a director and follow the Amazing Johnathan wherever this wild ride took him, including having to contend with a second crew filming a totally different documentary about Amazing Johnathan. Plus the psychology of magic, the gamesmanship of elaborate pranks, why David Copperfield and Chris Angel hate each others’ guts, and Johnathan knows a lot about faking your own death!

The Amazing Johnathan Documentary is available on Hulu and in select theaters beginning Friday, August 16. Keep up with the Amazing Jonathan at or on Twitter at @TheAmazingJ, and follow Ben Berman on Twitter at @LipsBerman. This episode is sponsored by Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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