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EP 398: Wyatt Russell on Embracing Everyday Magic

Actor Wyatt Russell is the star of the most original show on television AMC's Lodge 49. We discuss the allure of ancient fraternal orders, the importance of embracing everyday "magic," and getting curious about the places and the people we all too often drive past. He talks about how the show speaks to the isolation of modern social media culture and our longing for fellowship. Wyatt reminisces about previous career as a professional hockey player and the injury that sidelined him from hockey but opened the door to a career in film and television. He recalls getting his first big break just when he was ready to give up on acting, following in the steps of his famous parents Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, and what they taught him about keeping celebrity in perspective.

Season 2 of Lodge 49 premieres on Monday, August 12 at 10/9C on AMC. Visit for more information. This episode is sponsored by Bank of America’s The Academy for Consumer and Small Business.

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