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EP 395: Diallo Riddle and Bashir Salahuddin Bring Back Musical Variety

Diallo Riddle and and Bashir Salahuddin channeled their nostalgia musical variety shows like Soul Train and Solid Gold into a hilarious new parody series Sherman's Showcase on IFC. They reveal how they lured artists like John Legend to the show and why all musicians are secretly aspiring comedians. They recall drinking with Lorne Michaels, writing sketches for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and how Sherman's Showcase gave them an opportunity to do all the sketches that were too risky for network television. They reminisce meeting at Harvard, starting their own sketch group just to get better parts, and being on the ground floor of the Youtube comedy boom. Plus Frederick Douglass sells hair products!

Watch Sherman's Showcase starting Wednesday, July 31st at 10PM ET on IFC, and also be sure to catch Bashir and Diallo's other new show South Side on Comedy Central. Visit for more fun stuff about Sherman's Showcase, and follow Diallo Riddle on Twitter at @diallo.

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