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EP 389: Adam Savage Builds, Blows Up, and Has a Blast

Adam Savage (Mythbusters, Mythbusters Junior) talks about building a working prototype of Marvel’s Iron Man suit for his new series Savage Builds and what it was like to fly around with tiny jet engines strapped to his forearms. He discusses how Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson helped him take to the skies in a real World War I dogfight, why Adam's attempt recreate one of World War II’s most bizarre contraptions was less than successful, and how it served as a lesson in the importance of embracing your failures. Adam talks about his love of juggling and magic, his friendship with magician and skeptic the Amazing Randy, his own relationship with the skeptic community, and how he discovered that Darwinism doesn’t make for good television. Plus Adam talks about obsession with the dodo bird and why wire coat hangers are a maker's best friend.

Adam's new series Savage Builds airs Fridays at 10 Eastern on the Science Channel. Visit Adam at for more fun stuff and follow him on twitter at @donttrythis. Today's episode was sponsored by the Life Is Good Ping Podcast.

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