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EP 388: George Will on the Conservative Sensibility

Pulitzer Prize-winning Conservative columnist George Will answers the fundamental question “what is it that conservatives mean to conserve" and suggests that modern conservatives are losing sight of that purpose. He extolls James Madison’s belief in the importance of natural rights and government’s role in protecting them, and he makes that case against his fellow Princetonian Woodrow Wilson as the person who did the most to unravel the Founders’ vision. George discusses his decision to change his political affiliation from Republican to Independent in 2016, why he still can’t make the leap to the Libertarian Party, and why he believes it would be better to vote for Joe Biden over Donald Trump in 2020.

Order George Will's book The Conservative Sensibility on Amazon, Audible or wherever books are sold. Follow him on Twitter at @GeorgeWill and look for his regular column in The Washington Post. Today's podcast was sponsored by BetterHelp and Ben & Jerry's.

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