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EP 379: Neil Gaiman Brings Good Omens to the Screen

Neil Gaiman talks about adapting his book Good Omens for television, the book’s long journey to the screen, and how he took the reins as show-runner in a promise to his late co-author Terry Pratchett. Neil recalls the origins of their book as a fable about nature versus nurture and opens up about the on screen cameo that was just too painful for him to film. He discusses his writing process, how he manages to avoid distractions, and why he chooses to write across many different mediums. Plus Neil shares the story of the time he and Michael Sheen accidentally dined on an endangered species and got a front row seat for a federal raid.

Neil Gaiman's six-part limited series Good Omens stars Michael Sheen and David Tennant and is available on Amazon Prime Video beginning Friday, May 31st. Keep up with Neil at and follow him on Twitter at @neilhimself. Today's podcast was sponsored by Udacity.

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