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EP 373: Sir Kenneth Branagh Becomes the Bard

Oscar-nominated actor/director Sir Kenneth Branagh is the greatest living interpreter of the works of William Shakespeare, and today he talks about stepping into the shoes of his hero for his new film All Is True. Branagh discusses why he chose to focus on the three years following Shakespeare’s retirement and why he wasn’t afraid to deviate from the accepted biography and embrace the mystery around the man. He talks about teaming up with writer Ben Elton, forgoing digital graphics in favor traditional matte painting techniques, and the makeup that transformed Kenneth Branagh into the bard himself. Plus he weighs in on the rumors that the mysterious "dark lady" in Shakespeare’s love sonnets might not have been a lady at all, the sex scandals that embroiled Shakespeare's family in his final years, and speculation that William Shakespeare wasn't the real author of his famous plays. Kenneth Branagh's film All Is True opens in New York and LA on Friday, May 10 followed by a wide release. Check your local listings for showtimes.

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