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EP 364: Chelsea Handler's Crush Robert Mueller

Comedian Chelsea Handler recalls her anger in the wake of the 2016 election and how Donald Trump became the unlikely catalyst for Chelsea to work through some unresolved personal issues with the help of a clever psychiatrist named Dan. She discusses her decision to walk away from her Netflix talk show in order to dedicate herself to political activism and campaigning for minority and female candidates in 2018. Chelsea opens up about how the sudden death of her favorite brother impacted every relationship she has had since then, she says she's finally ready to find a serious partner now, and she lists some of her dealbreakers for a potential mate. Chelsea talks about the moment she realized that she was incapable of operating her own television or making herself a cup of coffee, how she cured herself of “domestic amnesia," and she describes the humbling experience of making a documentary about white privilege. Plus we get into her deep attraction to Robert Mueller, her obsession with rescuing chow-chows, how to fake a Jewish funeral, and more.

Order Chelsea Hander's new book Life Will Be the Death of Me: . . . and you too! on Amazon, Audible or wherever books are sold. Keep up with Chelsea at and follow her on Twitter at @ChelseaHandler. Today's podcast was sponsored by Kronos and Zebit. Subscribe to Kickass Newson Apple Podcasts and leave us a review, follow us on Twitter at @KickassNewsPod, and take our short listeners survey at

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