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EP 336: The Office's Paul Lieberstein Turns Back Pain into Laughs

Paul Lieberstein (THE OFFICE) talks about his 20 year struggle with crippling back pain inspired his funny and moving directorial debut film SONG OF BACK AND NECK. He shares how the king of indie filmmaking Mark Duplass convinced him to make the movie himself rather than selling it to a Hollywood studio, how he made something as seemingly mundane as back pain visually interesting on the screen, and the complications that can arise when you're directing yourself. We talk about his nine seasons playing Toby on THE OFFICE and what it was like to do double duty as actor and show runner. He reveals that NBC initially didn’t think the show would last more than a few episodes and weighs in recent talk of an OFFICE revival. Plus, he addresses how THE OFFICE’s Michael Scott might fare in the age of Me Too, whether there was more to Michael Scott’s visceral hatred for Toby, and some favorite fan theories including one that suggests that Toby was secretly the "Scranton killer."

Watch Paul Lieberstein's wonderful film SONG OF BACK AND NECK available on Video on Demand, and follow Paul on twitter at @PaulLieberstein. Today's podcast was sponsored by Espresso Monster,, Zeel, and Ben Sasse's audiobook Them: Why We Hate Each Other and How to Heal.

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