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EP 334: The Fabulous Tina Brown Returns

The legendary Tina Brown returns to talk about growing up in an entertainment family, how she got expelled from three different boarding schools for being a “subversive influence,” and how that same subversiveness served her well as editor of Vanity Fair. Tina talks about her 37 year marriage to the former editor of The Sunday Times Harry Evans, and their morning ritual of having a “news buffet.” She talks about turning around The New Yorker after her successful run at VF, how she adapted from magazines to the immediacy of digital news when she founded The Daily Beast and what is was like working with media mogul Barry Diller. She recalls her torturous years running Talk magazine with the infamous Harvey Weinstein, finding some peculiar open-ended book contracts with young women when she ran Talk Books, and leading the charge of the Me Too era with her Women in the World Summit. She reveals what recently attracted her to podcasting, how her new show TBD with Tina Brown is a return to her roots as a journalist, and why “the mix” still matters whether you’re running a magazine or a podcast. Plus, the author of The Diana Chronicles has some advice for Meghan Markle on how to navigate palace intrigues.

Subscribe to Tina's new podcast TBD with Tina Brown on Apple Podcasts or wherever you like to listen, learn more about her Women in the World Summit at, and follow her on twitter at @TinaBrownLM. Today's episode was sponsored by Human Rights Watch, Espresso Monster, and The Flatiron School.

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