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EP 332: The Daily Show's Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah talks about his new standup special TREVOR NOAH: SON OF PATRICIA and why he dedicated it to his mom, who he calls “the first comedian that he ever saw” and “most gangster human being you’ll ever meet in your life.” He discusses growing up in South Africa during Apartheid, the power of humor to fight oppression, and why he believes that hateful words aren’t nearly as important as addressing with the hate itself. He shares how the 2016 election affected his own vision for THE DAILY SHOW, why the current President reminds him of certain African dictators, and how he deciphers what’s news and what’s nonsense in the age of Trump. Plus he reveals what it was like to interview President Barak Obama, whether he would like to sit down with Donald Trump as well, and the question that he would most like ask the 45th President.

Watch Trevor Noah's new standup special TREVOR NOAH: SON OF PATRICIA now available on Netflix, order his memoir BORN A CRIME on Amazon, and watch THE DAILY SHOW WITH TREVOR NOAH every weeknight at 11PM ET on Comedy Central. Visit for more on Trevor including upcoming tour dates, and follow him on twitter at @TrevorNoah. Today's episode was sponsored by Human Rights Watch, Espresso Monster, Zeel, and Bombas.

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