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Author Michael Connelly on Cops, Crime Reporting, and Classic Noir

Best-selling crime novelist Michael Connelly talks about his literary hero Raymond Chandler, how he followed in the footsteps of the king of detective noir when he first came to Los Angeles, and how Chandler’s novels influenced his own writing. He reveals why he spent over two decades working as a crime reporter before diving into fiction, how he went about cultivating relationships with LAPD’s top homicide detectives, and how those sources still inform his work today. He talks about creating his most famous character Harry Bosch, how he came to name him after the 15th century Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch, and how Michael's role as writer and executive producer on the BOSCH television series has influenced his novels including his latest book DARK SACRED NIGHT. Plus Michael Connelly shares why he gravitates to characters who are loners, some of the craziest things that his friends at LAPD have ever seen, and why he’s jumping into the world of true crime podcasts for his next project.

Order Michael Connelly's book DARK SACRED NIGHT on Amazon, watch BOSCH on Amazon Prime Video, and subscribe to his upcoming podcast MURDER BOOK on Apple Podcasts or wherever you like listen. Keep up with Michael at or on twitter at @ConnellyBooks. Today's episode was sponsored by Human Rights Watch and The Flatiron School.

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