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EP 317: Mitch Albom on Life, Death, and Morrie

7Mitch Albom is the author the all time best-selling memoir Tuesday's with Morrie and six #1 Bestsellers that have sold over a million copies worldwide. He talks about his new novel The Next Person You Meet in Heaven, how losing his adopted daughter to cancer inspired his latest book, and what the book has to say about mistakes and forgiveness. He reveals how difficult it was to get Tuesdays with Morrie published, some of the lessons from Morrie Schwartz that have come to mean more to him 20 years later, and what Morrie who preached “don’t buy into the culture" would think about our social media obsessed society. Plus Mitch discusses how came to care for an entire orphanage in Haiti, the band he formed with Stephen King and other famous writers, and the five people hewould like to meet in heaven.

Order The Next Person You Meet in Heaven available 10/9 on Amazon, Audible or wherever books are sold. For more on Mitch, visit and follow him on twitter at @MitchAlbom. Today's episode was sponsored by Heineken and BambooHR.

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