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EP 316: Jeff Bridges Gets Zen About Art, Acting, and the Environment

Jeff Bridges discusses his 6 decades in Hollywood and what he learned about acting from dad Lloyd Bridges. He recalls the "Little Rascals" version of Tucker that he and Francis Ford Coppola made prior to filming, laughing it up with Robin Williams and Terry Gilliam on the set of The Fisher King, and how he and his brother Beau tested each other in The Fabulous Baker Boys. He shares stories about making The Last Picture Show, King Kong, Heaven's Gate, The Contender, and True Grit. He talks about The Big Lebowski fandom, how he feels about being identified with his iconic character "the Dude," and why he says the Dude is a zenmaster. Then Jeff Bridges gets zen about the environment with his new documentary Living in the Future's Past. He discusses how we can take a more global approach to climate change, explains the evolutionary roots of our energy consumption, and says humans collectively form a super-organism that is exhausting resources at a faster and faster pace. He calls for the removal of politics from the climate debate and suggests how everyone can make individuals changes that can have a big impact.

Living in the Future's Past opens in theaters Friday, October 5. Visit for information and showtimes. Keep up with Jeff at and be sure to catch his other film Bad Times at the El Royale opening in theaters Friday, October 12. Today's podcast was sponsored by Heineken and Espresso Monster. Visit Kickass News at, subscribe to Kickass News on Apple Podcasts, and follow us on twitter at @KickassNewsPod.

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