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EP 311: Comedian Sam Morrill's Therapist Misses Him

Comedian Sam Morrill talks about getting his start as an intern on the Colbert Report and breaking into the New York comedy scene. He reveals why dating and standup don't always mix and why his therapist misses him when he's on the road. He talks about some of the jokes that have gotten him in trouble with social justice warriors on the internet and how he handles the moral outrage machine on social media. Plus borscht belt comedy, the worst gigs ever, and #MeToo in comedy, and more.

Don't miss Sam's new standup special Sam Morrill: Positive Influence on Friday 9/14 at 11PM ET/PT on Comedy Central. Visit Sam online at and follow him on twitter at @SamMorrill. Today’s episode was sponsored by Heineken and the Move the Sticks Podcast.

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