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EP 304: Dan Buettner Shares Longevity Secrets from the World's "Blue Zones"

National Geographic Fellow Dan Buettner has studied the the world's "blue zones" the 5 areas where people live the longest, and today he shares their secrets. He shares how calorie restriction can lengthen your life, what kind of exercises are best for longevity and mobility, and why loners rarely live to be 100. He talks about an island in Italy where the men outlive the women, why people with daughters live longer than those with sons, and how modern conveniences are driving the world’s blue zones to extinction. Then he discusses the science of happiness including why people actually get happier with age, how money really can buy happiness (but only to a point), and why genetics play a bigger role than you might think. Plus he reveals the one factor that matters most to your happiness and longevity even more than exercise and healthy eating.

Order Dan Buettner's books The Blue Zones, The Blue Zones Solution, Thrive, and The Blue Zones of Happiness on Amazon or Audible. Visit Dan's website at and follow Dan on Twitter at @BlueZones. Today's podcast is sponsored by Hidden Truth Podcast and Ladder Life Insurance.

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