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EP 296: Jim Gaffigan Talks Tumor Humor and Opening for the Pope

Comedian Jim Gaffigan opens up about his wife/writing partner Jeannie’s brain tumor scare and how she was the first person to suggest using it in his new comedy special JIM GAFFIGAN: NOBLE APE. Jim reveals how trial and error led him back to his own authentic voice as a comedian, how he gets inside the head of the audience and plays his own worst critic on stage, and why he’s making fewer and fewer food jokes. He discusses why he’s breaking free of the Netflix model for his latest comedy special and why he has taken a number of dramatic film roles in no less than 13 movies over the next year. Plus Jim Gaffigan riffs on the mixed blessing of hotpockets, the worst part of a colonoscopy, and the hardest comedy gig in the world...opening for the Pope!

Comedy Dynamics presents Jim Gaffigan's newest comedy special JIM GAFFIGAN: NOBLE APE in theaters, OnDemand, iTunes, Amazon, and all of your favorite digital platforms. There's eve an album available. Follow Jim on Twitter at @jimgaffigan and visit Jim's website for tour dates and other fun stuff at Jim's upcoming live shows include Kettering, OH (7/27), Clarkson, MI (7/28), Atlantic City (8/4), Bethlehem, PA (8/5) Santa Rosa, CA (8/9), Fresno, CA (8/12), Casper, WY (8/13) the Iowa State Fair (8/14), ACharleston, SC (8.17).

Today's podcast is sponsored by GooglePlay, Dollar Shave Club, Purple Mattress, and Morning Brew.

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