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EP 293: Rob Reiner Brings the "Shock and Awe"

Rob Reiner returns to talk about the long road to making his latest film Shock and Awe about the journalists who "got it right" about WMD in Iraq and why he says Americans still may not be ready to deal with the mistakes of the Iraq War. How discusses the lesser known news syndicate that uncovered the truth about WMD and why the mainstream media at the time ignored all the warning signs. He talks about his love for classic newsroom films like All The President's Men and his urgency to make a film about great journalism at a time when the free press and the truth are under greater assault than ever. Rob Reiner gives an update on his group the Committee to Investigate Russia, he cautions that the rhetoric on the Left treads a thin line between energizing their base and energizing the other side, and we ponder how Archie Bunker went from a punchline to a political movement.

Rob Reiner's movie Shock and Awe opens in theaters Friday, July 13. Follow Rob Reiner on Twitter at @RobReiner and learn more about The Committee to Investigate Russia at Today's podcast is sponsored by Adiamor Jewelry, GooglePlay and Morning Brew.

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