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EP 291: Astrophysicist Adam Frank on Alien Worlds and Saving Our Own

Astrophysicist Adam Frank offers an explanation for why we have yet to made contact with extraterrestrials and says it is highly likely that many of ten billion trillion planets in the universe have hosted technologically advanced alien civilizations. He discusses three possible fates that may have befallen those civilizations and how studying other planets could help us save our own. He says that climate science actually holds consistent truths across all planets that have atmospheres and if we can predict climate change on Mars, we are certainly able to predict climate change here on earth. Plus Adam talks about the significance of the recent discovery of methane gas on Mars, his experience as a science consultant on Marvel’s Dr Strange, and why he doesn’t like the term "alien."

Order Adam Frank's book Light of the Stars: Alien Worlds and the Fate of the Earth on Amazon or Audible. Keep up with Adam at or on Twitter at @AdamFrank4. Today's podcast is sponsored by Outside the Box podcast.

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