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EP 281: CNN's Jake Tapper on Political Fiction, the Swamp, and Secret Societies

CNN'S Jake Tapper discusses his foray into writing fiction with his new political thriller The Hellfire Club, his interest in the politics of the 1950s, and the real-life Washington powerbrokers who make up the supporting cast of his story. He shares how his years of observing how eager young Congressmen slowly sell their souls inspired the central character of The Hellfire Club, and he illuminates some disturbing parallels between Donald Trump and Joseph McCarthy, the infamous red-baiting Senator who plays a key role in his novel. He reveals the real secret society on which his story is based, and warns of the danger when the line between truth and conspiracy theories becomes blurred. Plus Jake Tapper talks about his brief time in film school, Trump’s weirdly aggressive handshake, and why the U.S. Senate once investigated comic books.

Order Jake Tapper's his book The Hellfire Club on Amazon or Audible. Watch him weeknights on CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper and Sunday mornings on CNN’s State of the Union. Follow Jake on Twitter at @jaketapper. Today’s podcast was sponsored by Outside the Box podcast, Legal Shield, and Adiamor Jewelry.

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