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EP 280: Sebastian Junger Talks War, Tribalism and Honoring Our Vets

Journalist/documentary filmmaker Sebastian Junger (Restrepo, The Perfect Storm) talks about the new PBS Memorial Day special Going to War and his experience as an embedded reporter covering the War in Afghanistan. He recalls his first close call with an I.E.D. in the Korengal Valley, the fear and exhilaration of first arriving in the combat zone, and how war taps into something primal in all of us. He discusses his own struggle with PTSD, how sharing war stories helps our soldiers reintegrate to civilian life, and why so many men and women in uniform feel uncomfortable when someone says “thank you for your service.”

Going to War airs Memorial Day, May 28, at 9PM ET/PT on PBS. Visit to learn more. Keep up with Sebastian Junger at and follow him on twitter at @sebastianjunger. Today’s podcast was sponsored The Brave podcast, Dollar Shave Club, PolicyGenius, and Lightstream.

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