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EP 275: CNN's Sally Kohn on Hate, Humanity, and Twitter Trolls

CNN political analyst Sally Kohn talks about her investigation into the epidemic of hate all around us and how we can stop it. She discusses what scientists and researchers have learned about the evolutionary and cultural roots of hate, and how incivility can be a gateway to much worse. She shares some surprising lessons and dramatic stories from her travels to Rwanda, the Middle East, and across the United States engaging with former terrorists, white supremacists, and even her own Twitter trolls. Plus Sally Kohn opens up about confronting some of her own less than perfect moments such as when she bullied a classmate in school or times when the ugliness of the politics has gotten the best of her.

Order her book The Opposite of Hate: A Field Guide to Repairing Our Humanity on Amazon or Audible. Subscribe to her podcast The State of Resistance on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. For more information, visit and follow her on twitter at @sallykohn. Today's podcast is sponsored by Everquote, US Marker Board, and Zyppah.

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