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EP 272: Cinco de Funny w/ Comedian Paul Rodriguez

Comedian Paul Rodriguez tells stories from his 40 year career in showbusiness, including his first time on The Tonight Show, why Johnny Carson banned him from the NBC studios, and the "higher power" who intervened on his behalf. He talks about getting his start as a valet at the Comedy Store and how that led to his being a runner for Richard Pryor, he shares some advice Comedy Store owner Mitzi Shore gave him when he started out, and recalls some wild times from his days living in a comedians dormatory above the Comedy Store. Plus Paul Rodriguez shares his worst gig ever.

Paul Rodriguez's new standup special The Here & Wow is available May 1 via Comedy Dynamics Network. The album of The Here and Wow comes out May 4. For Paul’s upcoming shows, visit his website at and follow him at @ThePaulRod. Today's episode was sponsored by Intercom, Citizen Watches, Dollar Shave Club, and Policy Genius.

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