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EP 264: Andie MacDowell on acting over 40, Time's Up, and her best role in years in "Love A

Actress Andie MacDowell discusses why there are so few good roles for actresses over 40 and why she thinks that’s about to change with the Time's Up movement. She talks about her own #MeToo experience as a young model starting out in New York City, how she landed her break-out role in SEX LIES AND VIDEOTAPE, and what she learned about grief and healing on her latest movie LOVE AFTER LOVE. She discusses why she’s chosen to live outside of Los Angeles until recently and some of the advice she gives to her two daughters as they embark on their own acting careers. Plus Andie MacDowell talks about getting dubbed by Glenn Close in GREYSTOKE, the infamous Peachoid in Gaffney, SC, and her favorite Bill Murray stories from GROUNDHOG DAY.

LOVE AFTER LOVE opens in theaters Friday, March 30. Follow Andie on twitter at @AndieMacDowell3. Today's podcast was sponsored by Squarespace, AppRiver, Grasshopper, and Google Cloud Platform.

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