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EP 255: Gloria Allred Was Saying "Time's Up" Long Ago

Attorney Gloria Allred was fighting for women long before anyone ever hashtagged Me Too or Time's Up, and she's the subject of a new Netflix documentary Seeing Allred. She reveals how her own personal experience inspired to fight for victims assault and discrimination, she addresses critics who say she just does it all for the publicity, and explains that for many of her clients such as the Cosby accusers, a "trial" in the court of public opinion may be the only justice they can get. She talks about how that's changing with a new California law that extends the statute of limitations for sexual assault, she discusses why she decided to represent the family of Nicole Brown Simpson during the O.J. trial, and she gives an update on her client Summer Zervos’s pending defamation suit against President Donald Trump. Plus she talks about her surprisingly cordial relationship with defense attorney Alan Dershowitz, the battle of the Friar’s Club steam room, and why so many people call her "Senator."

Watch Seeing Allred available now on Netflix, and keep up with Gloria Allred at or on Twitter at @GloriaAllred. Today's podcast was sponsored by App River, Grasshopper, Just for Men Hair Regrowth, ZQuiet, and Google Cloud Platform podcast.

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