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EP 222: Gilbert Gottfried Gets Real About Comedy, Family Life & His New Documentary

Comedian Gilbert Gottfried talks about his fear of being "outted" as family man in his new documentary GILBERT, recalls some of the worst gigs he ever had, and reveals why he used to look down on comics who "work dirty." He explains why nazis love him, tells traveling salesmen jokes, does his impressions Humphrey Bogart at the postoffice and Jackie Gleason as Rick in Casablanca, and tells his infamous Danny Thomas story. His documentary GILBERT opens at the IFC Center in NYC on 11/3, Laemmle Fine Art Theatre in LA on 11/10 and then in theatres across the country. Subscribe to Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast, and you can keep up with him at or on twitter at @RealGilbert.

Today’s episode is sponsored by Nadex and AppRiver.

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