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EP 209: Tennis Player Maria Sharapova on Serena, the 2016 Drug Test, and her American Dream

Tennis player Maria Sharapova shares the remarkable story of how her father brought the six-year-old Maria from Russia to Florida with only $700 in his pocket and an unwavering faith in his daughter’s dream. She talks about the first time she watched the Williams sisters practice as a kid, and a locker room moment that has defined the rivalry between Serena Williams and her. She reveals what went through her mind when she learned that she had failed a drug test at the 2016 Australian Open, what she did during her subsequent 15 month suspension, and how the experience changed her mind about retiring from tennis. Plus Maria Sharapova talks about her dramatic comeback at last month’s US Open, the fuss over women tennis players who grunt, and why she wouldn’t even be playing tennis if it weren’t for the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

Order Maria Sharapova's book UNSTOPPABLE: MY LIFE SO FAR on Amazon or download the audiobook on Audible. Visit Maria Sharapova's website at and follow her on Twitter at @MariaSharapova.

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