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EP 205: Bryan Cranston on Life Before Acting and Becoming Walter White

Actor Bryan Cranston recalls a difficult childhood and the two year road trip that changed his life. He shares some of his adventures before acting including traveling as a carny, catching shoplifters as security guard, and the time he ended up a suspect in a murder investigation. He talks about getting a crash course in comedy from Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, landing the role of a lifetime on Breaking Bad, and how he built one of the most iconic characters in the history of television. Bryan Cranston also gives some advice for aspiring actors, reveals how his life has changed since "Walter White," and why he loves making small talk with old people.

Order Bryan Cranston's bestselling memoir A Life In Parts on Amazon or download the audiobook at Bryan Cranston stars in Last Flag Flying which opens in theatres November 3. Follow Bryan on Twitter at @BryanCranston.

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